D7100 - Wildlife Digital Art (not everyone's cup of tea)

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Re: D7100 - Wildlife Digital Art (not everyone's cup of tea)

Hi kgbruce01:

I hear you and I know where you're coming from. The thing is I have about hundred fairly nice shots from this photo-outing and all with what to me has become a pretty boring background. Also, being a graphic artist I'm fooling around and experimenting with some of my images to see what comes out. I create posters, brochures and other forms or artwork as part of my living in our business so this stylized image is just part of what I do.

I really do understand and respect the view of photographers that do like this type of thing. I too don't like pineapple or anchovies on my pizza... real pizza id for mushroom and pepperoni!



kgbruce01 wrote:

This one is ages better than the obviously PS'd one you first posted.

RudyPohl wrote:

Hisma wrote:

my question to you rudy is...

what emotion or feeling did you want to convey with the green background?

When I see green, I think nature, sophistication... generally a warm feeling. The particularly darker shade of green you chose is striking.

Just curious if you chose the background based on a feeling you were trying to convey, or if it just seemed to be what worked best. Personally, I think art should invoke emotions, so I hope it was something you considered. (i'm guessing you did)

Hi Hisam:

Great question. Yes, I did consider it quite carefully. This background was created from the actual background in the photo (see below). I flipped the image horizontally, cut out the Heron and the log and water in the foreground placing them on a separate layer above the original layer. I took the background foliage layer, applied generous Gausian Blur, then applied a Motion Blur, and finally darkened the background to taste. This way I was able to create a stylized version of the original background retaining the real colours. It seemed to work.


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