with camera should I buy?

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Re: with camera should I buy?

Take a look at travel zooms. They are compact,and, unless you are shooting billboards size photos take excellent if not pixel perfect shots.

They have a wide zoom range. We picked the Panny becuase it had the best stabilization of the group tested several years ago but try several and see what you like.

They are at the lower end of your price range. I carry my wife's when I jog, its that portable ad she has used it inside the churches and museums you will see in Vienna.

APS c sensors are great and the detail can be eye popping but to get a lot of good shots that will look good on a monitor or in a photobook the travel zooms are more than adequate.

They let you travel and enjoy the trip. The GPS is a nice gimick but not necessary. I suggest you not get a travel zoom with that but its your choice. More gadgets is more fiddling. I suggest you get a travel zoom and keep it simple.

These also have very comprehensive full auto modes so you will have a minimal learning period.

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