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I have been reading through this forum and trying to get a grasp on the Pentax cameras. I was recently shopping for a new DSLR, I was a Canon guy that transitioned to m4/3. That format doesn't seem to be right for me. I have tried, but the same reasons that drove me to it, are driving me away from it. Anyways, I happened upon the Pentax K-30. The specs seem great, and the look of it is also very nice. I see that there are plenty of lenses, at least for me. So onto the questions.

1. What is screw mount?

m42 - aka Pentax mount - aka Screw mount = the original lens mount for almost all manufacturers was the m42 thread lens this comes in varies varieties as OEMs attempted to leverage advantages by adding features (ie auto aperture).

Important for modern Pentax photogs is the mount was developed by Pentax and as such has the same registration distance as the current 'K' mount so any M42 lens will work on modern Pentax cameras (with adapter)

The K mount was Pentax's baynet fit mount and has various version from plain metal, to added contact to AF, All will fit and function within their limits without adapters on modern Pentax Dslr's

2. It looks like the K-30 has image stabilization?

Yes sensor shift so any lens from a 30 year old m42 to a modern limited will be stabilized on the k30 for free.

3. Does Pentax K share a lens mount with any other manufacturer, similar to the Sony/Minolta?

The K mount has been used under license by a number of manufacturers most notably Ricoh and more recently Samsung

4. What is the "WR" spec associated with the lenses?

WR= weather resistance

Strangely a WR lens is less resistance to water than the da* series but both should survive a day out in heavy rain.

Pentax is the only manufacturer with cheap weather resistant lens to accompany their cheaper weather resistant bodies.

Thanks in Advance

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