A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

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Re: Thanks for the input

Mike Stratil wrote:

This input is very helpful. I own a lot of good Canon lenses, and the possibility of being able to use them with a new high res camera has been very appealing. Right now I am doing most of my photography with the Sigma SD1-M, whose resolution I find significantly better than that of my 5D3. Which is to say I've fallen in love with high resolution photography. But the SD1-M's deficiencies (especially slow write speeds and no live view) have been a negative. Thus, I've been very interested in the possibility of a high res Canon DSLR.

That may come, but in the shape of a full frame DSLR, not a larger than full frame DSLR.

But if such a camera means getting a new suite of Canon lenses, that changes the equation a lot. It sure would be helpful if Canon would give us a clearer idea of where they plan to go.

Well, I think that the answer is very simple. IF Canon would introduce a camera system with a larger than full frame sensor, it must have new lenses as well. You simply cannot use your existing lenses on such a system. I think it is extremely unlikely that Canon will do so, however. There were even pictures (fake, obviously) of that Samsung camera I referred to two years ago. It never materialized nevertheless. Those Canon rumors are the same: Just rumors, probably written by people with more wishful thinking than technical knowhow.

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