From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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Re: From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

Grani wrote:

I have seen some threads covering pros/cons of LCD vs. EVF, but could some of the only LCD users elaborate a bit - and the please the one of you who comes from an OVF?

What made you stick to LCD only, or what made you throw away the EVF at your PEN?

I have been using LCD only now for over 3 years after many decades of OVF. There are several points I would make in favour of LCDs (similar points have already been made by others).

A general background point that is worth remembering is that the image quality of the shot you take is not changed one iota by the method used for framing the shot.

I find using the LCD is more natural in that it allows me to view the whole scene, as well as just that part of it that is in the LCD. As highwave said, it is rather liberating.

For photographing people, it allows me to interact with them while taking the photo, which is a considerable advantage, particularly with young children.

Using an LCD can be more difficult in some circumstances (e.g. bright sunlight), but that can also be an advantage in an odd sort of way. If you have to put more effort into composing the picture, you often end up with a better picture (rather like using a tripod, which can give much the same sort of benefit).

I find I have developed a different technique for using LCD-only cameras, particularly for holding the camera steady while taking a shot. In fact, for people shots and some action shots I quite often release the shutter while I am looking at the subject rather than at the LCD - which is quite successful provided the camera can be held steady enough.

I'm gonna have to try that sometime... There's probably some visual/spatial reason why it works well (not trying to focus your eyesight on keeping the display steady against what you're seeing or something vs just keeping your hands steady).

There's lots of tricks to using an LCD more effectively, this notion that you have to hold the camera up in the air just because you're using an LCD probably came from the compact p&s world, but it's rather silly. Even the GF series has a tilting LCD now, it's pretty easy to tilt it up, brace it against your body, and shoot while looking down; effectively steadying it just as well as you would while using a VF against your forehead. Won't work for every shot or angle but I'm surprised it's not done more often.

I've never been a big fan of VFs even tho they're clearly the better choice at times, it's just notcomfortable wto use one while wearing glasses IMO (nor do I enjoy the streaks and smudges I'll leave on my glasses). Then again, Oly's recent 16:9 displays bug me nearly as much.

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