Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

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Re: Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

REShultz wrote:

Sites like 500px (front page, take a look!) are full of HDR photography. It nearly always looks cooked and in some cases ruins perfectly good pictures.

The problem with "good" HDR - if by that you mean an image that uses multiple exposures to create a natural look - is that because they look natural no one advertises them as HDR.

Here are a few that I've done recently.  I emphasise "recently" because the latest versions of CS and LR have a very good HDR process (called HDR Pro) built in.  I used to use Photomatix but could never totally get rid of the cooked look; today I don't use it.

The cars used 3-shot (+/- 2EV) hand held to preserve detail in the reflections as well as shadows; the garden used 5-shot (+/- 2EV each time) on tripod because with the sun in the frame the natural exposure was effectively black except the sky.

Paradoxically, if you did want to create that over-cooked look you can do it without HDR software, from just a single shot.

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