Refusal of DWI to deliver purchased item...urgent advice required!

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Re: Refusal of DWI to deliver purchased item...urgent advice required!

If courier companies are running behind time, they will often leave an undeliverable note, which is not a very good practice of course.

As DWI is a Hong Kong based company, I am not sure that anything can be done in a small claims court, which is why I would probably have to make the claim against DHL.

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Daisy AU wrote:

bed bug wrote:

Some lessons from this experience:

1. Use DWI at your own risk.
2. Avoid companies that use DHL.

Looks like there are several delivery drivers in OZ that are not doing their jobs properly! About 2 months ago, I order a few small items from Amazon. I have been ordering from them for about 7 years and not one parcel has ever been lost. In this case, I waited and waited for my items to be delivered to my business address, when I suddenly received an email from Amazon that my parcel had been returned as "undeliverable"!! (mind you this was a business address, manned every weekday). They immediately offered a refund, which was processed in 3 days, so all was okay. However, what annoys me is that the courier company never attempted delivery (I think it was DHL, but am not sure).

In your case, I suggest to keep on pressuring DWI. Otherwise, take them to Small Claims Court (you don't need a solicitor for that). Your contract was with DWI, not with DHL, and as such they need to prove that they provided the item you ordered (which they can't) or give you a refund. Start leaving negative reviews about them wherever you can and see if they react and refund you the money. Do a mini campaign against them and also deal with Hong Kong directly too. From what I know, DWI in Australia is just a front. Hong Kong is where their operations are. They have a page on Facebook (Aust). Leave complaints there.

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