From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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3 reasons why I prefer LCD over VF

Previously, I owned Nikon D90 before moving towards m43 (EM5). Initially, EVF feels more natural - however as the time goes, I found LCD is more and more preferable for few reasons:

1. It's easier to engage with the object. Using EVF/VF, I feel my face is hidden behind the camera - it makes the subject feels more uncomfortable and less relax. I guess, it's human nature to feel more relax if we can see the photographer facial reaction

2. It's easier to shoot at above or below eye level so you can get the best angle as possible. If I'm using EVF, it will force me to make weird body posture to get the angle that I want. It's quite tiring to do this whole day - and bad for the knee.

3. Easier to manual-focus using LCD since it's larger. Also, when I'm using EVF to manual focus, I found my eye grow tired quickly since the distance from the eye and EVF is closer than when LCD is used. This closer distance force the eye to move more rapidly and therefore, easier to fatigue. (same analogy when our eyes are tired easily when we read book very close to our eyes)

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