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bm bradley wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

bm bradley wrote:

guys I use adobe bridge to edit my jpg. I am not going to shoot raw. the issue I'm having is in the preview in bridge the images look really hot/bad wb/blown skintones...

This is telling you that you are overexposing your images.

I go ahead and run the batch knowing I will just pull the images back up and run them again if need be however when I look at the images after rendering they look great...

But not as great as if you hadn't overexposed them to begin with.

what am I missing? any thoughts on why the preview render looks so bad?

Because you overexposed the images in the camera.

I recommend you turn on the histogram display on the camera's LCD. Learn to adjust the exposure to center the histogram. After you learn how to do that come back and ask how to really get even better exposures.

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lets start again: I've been doing this professionally for 13 years. I use a meter. I am NOT over exposing the images... the images look like crap in ACR and bridge, even AFTER I do the edit... AFTER they are saved out the images look fine, just as they should... not sure what is going on HOWEVER it's just started 2 days ago

This additional information makes it clear that you have something wrong with your software.

The first thing I would do is clear Photoshop's scratch space. Use the Edit>Preferences>Performance command to find out where the scratch disk is and using the OS file browser delete all the crap you find there.  This is something that Photoshop should do, but doesn't, when you exit.

If that doesn't work then delete Photoshop's preferences.

How to delete/reset Photoshop preferences

If that doesn't work then try removing Photoshop and reinstalling it.

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