From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

Started Jul 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Just try it for some time

I was fortunate to make the switch to the E-P1, a while back, which didn't have the option for an EVF.  It did take a little while to get used to, and I too raised the camera to my eye many times.  However, I'm convinced it's the better way to make pictures.  As some others have mentioned, I found that once you're used to it, you compose faster, explore more angles, and spot opportunities better.  Basically, you're not fixated on a tiny portion of the scene.  Imagine asking an artist to paint a picture of a scene, while only looking through a peep hole.

The LCD of the OMD (and presumable E-P5) are much better than the E-P1.  On my OMD, I use the LCD 90% of the time.  I only use the EVF, if in very bright sun, where the sun is shining onto the LCD, and with long telephoto lenses where additional support is helpful.

I'm considering switching to the E-P5, once prices drop.  I'll get the EVF kit - but will leave it off the camera most of the time.

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