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Re: Push em back, push em back, push em waaaay back

Laurence Matson wrote:

maceoQ wrote:

Really? I think the harsh microcontrast is the main problem when shooting portraits withe the Merrills.

There has been lots of comments about it. There is even an article in x3magazin: "smoother portraits".

But on the other hand the strong microconrast is welcome when photographing textures, landscapes, old facades etc.

Anyway, since there is the monochrome mode (blue channel) smooth portraits are easy to make.

Of course this requires a push back.

The inconsistency above is similar to the order and chaos problem in physics and right-brained people.

You can always create order, but you can never "create" chaos.

The right-brained version is: You can always get organized, but you cannot "become" intuitive.

And so it is with detail: You cannot create detail, but you can always get rid of it.

In fact, with SPP and NFL, it is a snap.

For portraits, there have been portraits taken with SD cameras since day one (starting with Kevin Ames and Stephen Johnson), and they have been beautifully rendered with creamy smoothness, when desired, and left raw when that was the message.

Good point, Laurence.

I have been using NFL for portraits shot with Sigma cameras for years. The trick is to shoot with this in mind from the outset - even for young subjects with great skin it's still a useful approach. Mind you, it's not the whole answer for great portraits with the SD and DP cameras - one still needs to do local spotting, just like in the old days.

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