From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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Re: From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

Grani wrote:

Recently i got my first PEN, a E-P5. I have been playing around for a few days, and find the build quality excellent. I will post a"first impression - with photos" soon....

Some issues will raise, and the first is the viewfinder - or the missing of a VF....

Coming from E-620, I'm not used to a big OVF. But this was the only option for me, and worked fine.

I did not invest in the EV-4 for my P5, and realize that each time I grab the camera to shoot - I lift it up to my face...

I have seen some threads covering pros/cons of LCD vs. EVF, but could some of the only LCD users elaborate a bit - and the please the one of you who comes from an OVF?

What made you stick to LCD only, or what made you throw away the EVF at your PEN?

This would help me before I decide to go or not to go for the 249$ EV-4.... Thanks!

/Stig of Norway

Buy the camera you want and what you determine is the best for you. Think about the system as a whole not just this camera. You will most likely sell this camera body in a couple years any way for something better or find you do not like the system and switch to a completely different manufacture.

If the camera you like only has EVF you will get used to it, if the EVF does not rotate you get used to it. Only you know what your deal breaker for a camera will be.

I know the type of photography I do and what I can overlook and what is a deal breaker. My deal breaker is the camera has to have a hot shoe for external flash and other shoe accessories.

Yes, the OVF is nice and I just switched from the Panasonic GH-3, GX-1 stuff to the Fuji XE-1 and X20 that both have very nice OVF, but that is not why I sold all my MFT's stuff for now and switched.

You also should not look at a camera as an investment. Gold or Silver bullion, mutual funds for the future is an investment.

A camera is like a hammer or screwdriver just a tool to do a job.

A camera is an investment if you are actually depending on it to make a living as a sole source of income and photography is your job. That said, as it stands today no professional photographer is using anything mirror-less as a main camera for commercial needs.

If they make a mirror less DSLR that uses smaller lenses while keeping the sensor size the same, that would be a total winner.

Don't over think it, and don't just read DPREVIEW to make an educated decision. The only DPREVIEWS I read are the negative conclusions about a camera to see if it is that big of a deal.

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