From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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Re: Jalywol....big difference between VF-2 and VF4?

Everything except the EP5 needs a firmware update for the VF-4 to work at all.    I downloaded and installed the update on the EPM2 on the day it came out, and the VF-4 arrived a couple of days later, and worked perfectly.

The eye sensor is a proximity detector that automatically switches from the LCD to the viewfinder when your eye is brought near the viewfinder (like it does on the OMD or on the Panasonic models with built-in viewfinders).  Unfortunately, this feature only works on the EP5, so you have to press the VF button to switch (as on the VF-2) between LCD and VF on all of the other cameras.

Only the older models will have any image quality reduction; the current and immediately prior gen cameras will be fine once they have the firmware update to make the VF-4 work.  In other words, it works just like the VF-2 does, on your camera, but with better IQ.


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