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Re: No.

T3 wrote:

Midwest wrote:

70D <> 7D

continuous 7fps <> 8fps

Probably not a difference most people will ever notice.

The 7D is not aimed at 'most people'. It is basically a professional camera, in APS-C size.

buffer 16 RAW - 60 JPG <> 25 RAW 130 JPG

Again, not a difference most people will ever notice. 16 consecutive frames is a lot for most people.

Again, the 7D or its replacement are not aimed at 'most people'

1 image processor <> 2 image processors

But what are the real-world consequences of this?

Not as fast burst shooting, which is the reason some pros like the 7D.

composite body <> magnesium body

Frankly, I prefer the composite body. Modern plastics are extremely resilient, dissipate impact shock better, are lighter, are far less prone to cracking and denting, compared to magnesium. Magnesium is very stiff, but as a result it's not as resilient so it's more prone to cracking. Plus, paint can chip and scratch off a magnesium body, which isn't an issue with a composite body.

Here are a few examples of cracked magnesium bodies:

I never had any problem with the composite bodies myself, but there must be some reason the top level cameras come magnesium instead.

I also like the fact that plastics are lighter. No point in lugging around more weight than you have to.

Back to the 'most people wouldn't notice', I will offer an example in support of just what you were saying - someone posted in the Canon forum the other day 'here are 7D pictures!'. They were static shots, I forget what they were, just basic snapshots of flowers or something, but this person bought a 7D when clearly any Rebel would have been entirely sufficient. That is a person who has mucho $$$ and would not, as you say, notice the burst shooting or the RAW buffer.

OTOH some users DO want and even need faster burst shooting. I don't see why Canon would be inclined to lower their prior standards.

You'll see a 7D Mark II and it will be even more amazing than the 70D.

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