USA Today article on m43 sales

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Re: USA Today article on m43 sales

gak44 wrote:

David Kieltyka wrote:

It's probably just another manifestation of the Bigger Is Better fallacy...


I do not understand why so many here refer to bigger is better as a fallacy. Yes, some M43 cameras produce results as good or even better than some DSLRs, but any ff DSLR will outperform any M43 overall, just as a medium format DSLR from Hasselblad, Leica , Pentax or Mamiya will outperform them in turn.

First, bigger is better is often referring to literally the size of the body. So Sony's RX1 < E-M5 < Canon 300D/Rebel, but Rebel = 1D. This is obviously a fallacy, as a large body has it's tradeoffs, but it doesn't mean a whole lot.

In terms of image quality, bigger is better remains something of a fallacy: The E-M5 outclasses the Canon's entire Rebel (APS-C) lineup, along with the old 1Ds and 5D (FF). True, you might say those are old, but the point remains: it's not just size.

Even latest gen modern sensors, I would hesitate to to say FF outperforms M43 "overall": In many situations it can be close or negligible: there's no difference if you're DoF limited, and if you have enough light to shoot at base ISO the difference is not going to be huge either. It's not the "overall" but rather the extreme conditions where larger sensors excel.

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