New info for the E-7...can you say mirrorless ?

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Re: really - no pro Micro Four Thirds

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How about reading just a little bit further.

"At this moment, we cannot say anything for sure, because there are many possibilities -- it could be Micro Four Thirds, or Four Thirds, or somehow a hybrid."

By the way, about the size of the new camera he says this:

"We would also like to provide the benefits of a small body size. You may remember these policies were also a key part of the Four Thirds concept itself."

Just so people know what we are talking about, here is the interview:

While it is interesting to see him hedge later, "we think we still need the E-System to satisfy professional photographers" leaves no room for Micro Four Thirds professional.

There is room for weasel words. The E-M5 is an 'E system' camera - it has an 'E' at the front.

Yes, I guess the first part is still needed:

Ogawa: "Of course, we're reaching a high level of performance with our Micro Four Thirds mirrorless product, but we are still not satisfied with these at the professional level. That's why we think we still need the E-System to satisfy professional photographers."

He is clearly separating Micro Four Thirds mirrorless from E-System and I think only the E-1,3,5 series are considered professional level.

But that makes it look like 'still need the E-System just until we're satisfied with Micro Four Thirds at the Professional level' and of course since the 'Professional level' means nothing at all, that can be tomorrow if they choose. All it means is 'we keep the E-5 and FT lenses in the catalogue for now'.

Here is from another interview:

"Watanabe was unable to confirm whether the camera would be a traditional DSLR type design or a mirrorless device.

Speaking about the challenges faced by DSLRs in a marketplace where compact system cameras are becoming ever more popular, he said that two key technologies need to be improved before DSLRs will be superseded - the AF system and the EVF.

He said that continuous autofocus was the biggest challenge, while EVFs needed to have a higher resolution, faster frame rates and better contrast."

Do you think they will delay a "Pro" camera until those problems are solved, or just put the E-M5 sensor in a E-5 (call it E-7) and tweak the AF?

I think that rates as an extended 'no comment'. My own view is that there is more likely an E-M7 than an E-7. The deal with Sony (both deals) might give them on-sensor PDAF (and Olympus has a decent patent on that it could trade as part of the deal) and I think that there will be a next gen EVF that will be better. Even so, the mFT mount register at 19.25mm has room for a 13mm reflex mirror (even without turning it sideways like a Pen F or E300) perhaps not with the AF gubbins on the back, but maybe with sensor PDAF that wouldn't be needed. There would also be room for a SLT like configuration (though that merges the worst features of DSLR and mirrorless, IMO). So, Olympus has options. I think the most likely is mFT, EVF and on-sensor PDAF.

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