Coming to terms with failure

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Re: Coming to terms with failure

Stilograph wrote:

A pro never fails, or at least, he won't admit it.

Stop.  Wrong.  Pros in every profession out there fail or make mistakes all the time.  Do Dr'.s lose patients.  Yep.  Do lawyers lose cases?  Yep.  Do singers sing off key now and then.  Yep.

Your going to fail or make a mistake again, and again, and again.  But hopefully you learn from it and try not to repeat it.

Doesn't really hold as true today but back in the film days we would say "That's why they give you 36 chances!"  Hell, even the best pros sometimes bracketed.  Just in case.

Hell, to me it's sounds like you DID the job you were called to.  Not sure I get the scenario.  Why would there be 11 people there for a single bridal portrait?  And if I was hired to create "just a bridal portrait", why would I even care if I didn't get other shots of other people.  I didn't agree to that to begin with.  If the original assignment was to ALSO include portraits with the 11 other bridesmaids, then yeah, I'd be sure I got that shot before I left.

As long as I did the job requested, I wouldn't sweat it very much.

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