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bobgeorge wrote:

Hello all,

A colleague of mine got married yesterday & I attended. I noticed the photography was shooting with what looked like a Nikon D3200 or D5200. n addition she had a flash light on her camera.

I talked to her for a minute and she said lens was a Nikkor 18-200 F3.5-5.6G ED VRII & she told me she had done over 200 weddings & normally averages 2 per month.

The wedding was in a Catholic church & the reception was outside under a tent.  I don't know what she charged, but it that typical gear for a wedding photographer?


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Is this professional quality gear for a wedding photographer today? Not really.

Is this "typical" gear for a wedding photographer today? Unfortunately, yes.

Today, wedding photography seems populated by just as many amateurs and part-timers as full-time pros. Some are good. Many are not. No way to tell here, of course,

However, a few things can indicate STLE on this photographer's part. First, the lens isn't the type which is going to provide a lot of soft bokeh. And her cropped sensors aren't going to help any. I'm quick to say that blurred backgrounds are probably OVER-USED today, but this girl isn't in danger of being one of those who does that. (I actually quite often used cropped sensor bodies during receptions, when I WANT a broader depth of field for most of the shots. Ths not only provides contrast with those from earlier in the day, but also helps to insure sharp, useable images which are frequently captured in challenging environments.)

Second, we have the on-camera flash. Hopefully, she was at least bouncing. But on-camera flash is quite limited compared to off-camera, especially with an assistant involved.

I have to question the "2 per month" and "200 total" claim. If she were working EVERY month of the year, those figures would represent more than eight years in the business. That's a LONG time to be doing this as a hobby. And yet her approach doesn't exactly suggest that she's getting high dollar. So, understanding possible backlash from others, I'm calling BS on her claims. It just doesn't add up.

In the end, what matters most are results. I hope you will eventually be able to see some for yourself. Then you'll know if she's the real deal or not.

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