From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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Re: Jalywol....big difference between VF-2 and VF4?

Marla wrote:

I noticed you have used both. I just ordered the E-PL5 and own the VF2 which I'm happy with. I'm just curious how the two differ in real life use......


HUGE difference.  The VF-4 is one of the largest viewing areas I have seen on a camera, and it is bright, not grainy at all, and has great color and responsiveness.  I also always used to get a headache from the VF-2 and do not from the the VF-4.....

If there is anyway you can try one, you should.  It's really a pretty amazing device (oh, and with the added bonus that it has a lock, so you can't accidentally knock it out of the hot shoe   )


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