NX300 & 60mm Macro shots

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Re: NX300 & 60mm Macro shots

tjobbe wrote:

a camera like the NX300 is simple no good tool for shooting macros...

(EDIT: there is no sarcasm smilie around )


Ive been having fun since my recently acquired 60mm macro.

this is cropped

no crop. at minimum FL, the subject is the same size on the aps-c sensor as in real life. The sensor is approx. 24mm x 16mm. This means im in for a world of hurt if this subject is not comfortable being photographed.

not sure if this will look as good after uploading.

uncomfortably leaning forward dangling the camera down vertically with one hand. In the water bubble you can see the sun reflecting off my fingers above the camera.

edit: unfortunately the last two uploaded dont do them justice, one cannot see what I described.

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