with camera should I buy?

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RX100, old style, all the way...

I have the RX100, and would agree it's at the limit of pocketability, but what it does offer is (if you process the RAWs) entry level DSLR or MILC equivalent imagery. I have the NEX 5N and I find myself reaching for the RX100 with no angst at all when I'm off out and about, it's that good. It has better overall image sharpness than the NEX with kit lens but is a bit harder to get a "best exposed" image. But once you get used to that and are prepared to PP, you can get the quality.

I would not hesitate in a heartbeat to buy it over any other pocket cam, for what it offers.

For the lower weight and few mm less thickness of the RX100 i can do without the hotshoe, wifi and flip screen of the II model.

I would like to see if IQ is improved in production model, however. As has been mentioned here the jury's out on the IQ, there's some indication of smearing of details but conversely a slightly better low light performance.

Is it worth another few hundred $, even if better overall? Hmmm debatable.

I am currently of the opinion I may buy another RX100 when prices drop, simply because It's so darned good, and I have worked mine alot (around 12-13000 frames) and dropped it a couple of times (not in use but silly carelessness in neoprene case). By then , maybe the cost diff will be 40% difference, not insignificant

Now that's an indictment if ever there was one

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