Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

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Re: Number 145?

Feeding the troll too much sugar can give him diabetes

Marc Heijligers wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Sorry but every test you have posted uses a subject where page 100 D800 guidance says AF may not be accurate.

The only thing that is not accurate your understanding of autofocus, page 100, and how it applies to real-world targets. The targets are sufficiently good for a right focus point. The targets are sufficiently good for central focus points. That means that we can conclude that the targets are also sufficiently good for left focus points. If that's beyond your level of understanding, I suggest to start primary school again, a 6 year old kid has more common sense, and may be able to understand BOTH Nikon's manuals as well as how it applies in practice.

Whether the tests show a problem with the camera or with the lens cannot be determined by these tests yet. I'm eager what comes out of htis case. Maybe the original poster can update us on this one?

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