Sony A58 vs Canon 600D

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Re: Sony A58 vs Canon 600D

For what it's worth, I faced a similar decision 6 months ago (except it was with the A37 + 18-135mm).

The IBIS of the Sony was a huge factor for me as well. I thought it would be fun (and a good learning experience) to experiment with a bunch of "oldie but goodie" cheap Minolta lenses, and get the full benefit of modern IBIS. And it turned out to be even more helpful/enjoyable than I thought it would be. For example, I was able to pick up an old $35 Sigma 75-300mm lens for birding, with image stabilization. No way to do that with Canon or Nikon.

Also, from everything I've seen, the sensors on the Canon APS-C models are not particularly impressive, a couple of years behind the APS-C sensors in Sonys and Nikons.

Better IQ + IBIS (fun with old lenses) + in-body focus motor + more features + PDAF in live view & movie modes + better kit lens (18-135) + lower price made the decision fairly easy for me. But as others have said, only you can decide what is important to you, and any modern DSLR will take excellent pictures in the right hands. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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