From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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Re: From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

Grani wrote:

Recently i got my first PEN, a E-P5. I have been playing around for a few days, and find the build quality excellent. I will post a"first impression - with photos" soon....

Some issues will raise, and the first is the viewfinder - or the missing of a VF....

Coming from E-620, I'm not used to a big OVF. But this was the only option for me, and worked fine.

I did not invest in the EV-4 for my P5, and realize that each time I grab the camera to shoot - I lift it up to my face...

I have seen some threads covering pros/cons of LCD vs. EVF, but could some of the only LCD users elaborate a bit - and the please the one of you who comes from an OVF?

What made you stick to LCD only, or what made you throw away the EVF at your PEN?

This would help me before I decide to go or not to go for the 249$ EV-4.... Thanks!

What anyone else does really should not be terribly important to you...YOU are the one who uses your camera, and if a viewfinder is what you are most comfortable with, then you should get the viewfinder.

When I got my first M43 camera 2 1/2 years ago (an EPL1), I had it for about a week before I realized I could not see the LCD as well as I needed to when outside, and I immediately bought the VF-2. Problem solved.

Later, I moved to the Panasonic G2, then GH2, which had built in EVFs, and I found that I was only using the LCD when I needed to get a shot at an odd angle. Otherwise, the rear display spent its time rotated closed against the back of the camera. I did also have a GF3 for a while, and while I loved the camera, the fact that you could NOT put an EVF on it made it much more difficult for me to use in bright situations, and I ended up selling it in large part because of that.

When I got a GH3 to upgrade from the GH2, I found myself using the rear LCD more than I had on the GH2, but that was because it was a much better LCD AND the GH3 EVF was not color accurate and had a smaller field of view than the prior GH2 EVF....This bugged me so much that I ended up selling the GH3!

Now I am currently using an EPM2, which has that great sensor, but a really, really small viewable area on its LCD. I used the LCD as my primary compositional tool for my first month with the camera, but as soon as the VF-4 was released, I got one. What a FABULOUS viewfinder! It transforms the camera into something that behaves like a much larger bit of gear.

Moral of the story: If you like to use the viewfinder, buy the VF-4. It is a remarkable bit of gear that will bring a new dimension to your camera use. It's worth the money, get one.


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