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Re: Mirrorless hype is over. DSLR rules.

I still love this debate!  At the rate things are going, milc will match dslr performance within a few years. Many of us bought into m43 for the size advantage, and with the anticipation that the performance would catch up. When I bought my gh2 a couple years ago, I could have bought a canikon with better still photo performance for less money, but I have been enjoying the smaller, lighter m43 lenses, and in a couple years I will buy a new m43 body with performance that matches dslr, and then I will be happy that I am not stuck with clunky canikon lenses.

Of course, m43 is not the only system that is improving, and as the speed and high iso of all systems continue to improve and converge, eventually a photographer's choice of camera system will be based solely on how shallow of depth of focus they require while keeping the system as compact as possible.  For some photographers that will be a camera phone, and for others it will be ff; for me it is m43.

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