From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

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Re: From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

I went from Nikon D70 to Oly PEN (E-PL2) almost 2 years ago but for a year before the switch I was also using a Canon G11.  The viewfinder on the Nikon was good but I quickly learned that at least having the option of composing with an LCD was a very good thing, especially if the LCD articulates like the one on the G11, and the honest truth is that I used the OVF on the G11 (which was awful by the way) only a handful of times while I had it (since swapped it for an Oly XZ-2).  Yes there were some adjustments in shooting style between using the Nikon (OVF only) and the Canon (OVF and LCD) and I will concede that there are times when a VF is essential (hence I have the VF2, which works on both my cameras now).  I also maintain that there are times when an articulating LCD is essential as well -- I have shots I took with the G11 that would have been impossible to take without having the articulating LCD.

This all comes down to personal preferences -- some folks just need a VF for either reasons of composition or stability.  I don't and I use the VF-2 on either camera only when absolutely essential (when I cannot see the LCD due to lighting condiitions). I actually prefer composing on the LCD (the articulating LCD on the XZ 2 is preferred to the fixed one on my PEN) and I do not find that doing so is causing me any noticeable lack of stability. For me it is sort of like having a car that is automatic and one that is stick shift (a situation I lived with for many years). I can drive both just as easily and there are times when the footwork is confusing.  But then I went into photography in the digital era and did not have years of reliance on an VF to overcome.

The EP-5 is my next upgrade and the VF-2 will do duty there as well, though I hear nice things about the VF-4.

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