with camera should I buy?

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Re: Sony RX100 original (not the RX100 II)

I think you can look on the restrictions imposed by the fixed lens of the GR either as a blessing or curse. 28mm is a very good focal length for general use. If ever need a lot of reach you're obviously not going to be that happy, and in that respect any zoom is clearly more flexible, even though to get serious telephoto you'll still need to rely on a big camera.

Ask yourself honestly what kind of situations you're buying the camera for, and how important ultimate image quality is versus convenience. When it comes to image quality, prime lenses are still favoured over zooms, and there's less to go wrong. Zooming with your feet works pretty well in many situations, and the camera also has a 35mm crop mode feature should you desire.

I'm sticking to my recommendation but many people do swear by the RX100 though, so I doubt that would be a bad choice either.

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