From DSLR to PEN...Why do you stick to LCD?

Started Jul 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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My feelings are the opposite of the other two posters.

I don't like using the LCD (or whatever it's called). I even bought external VFs for my GF1/LX5 and DP2. I just think it's unnatural, and I've never found a LCD that's good in the sun - holding the camera out from my face like I'm scared of it makes it less steady. You may be able to compose the shot on the screen, but cannot always read the info or histogram displayed.

However, I do make use of the bigger screens; for example, with my OM-D, I keep the Super Menu on the LCD so that I can quickly make changes. It works very well for that. For all else, I use the VF. For my dSLRs, I've usually just turned it off unless I foresee doing some chimping.

I have a new P&S that I really like - a Pentax MX-1 - but I continually bring it up to my face when anticipating a shot. It's an excellent camera for daily use, but doesn't have a hotshoe for an external VF, which has probably saved me some money, but cost me a couple of shots yesterday because of the sun - the display angles similarly to the OM-D, but it still couldn't deal with the bright sun.

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