Has the NEX-7 build quality changed?

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Re: NEX - different bodies use different construction

wayfarers wrote:

Rubber grip peeling off is something many cameras suffer; I experienced it with Nikon, Canon and Ricoh, in different (expensive) models. Always when rubber is glued to metal body, never when the body is plastic. I could never understand why this is so, as there are industrial glues able to withstand very high temperatures.

Funny to see this post - just last week the rubber thumb-grip slid off my NEX-C3. I was in a speedboat and must have pushed it too hard on a bumpy wave. I didn't notice it until I felt a nasty sticky sensation under my thumb when taking a shot.

Sony said they'll replace it for $15. I'm a bit annoyed because that piece of rubber's gotta be cheaper than that, and it's still under warranty. I guess you could call me a fairly heavy user, I'm near 30k shutter activations after 15mths, so I may be pushing the baby of the NEX range further than it was designed to go.

I still love my camera to bits because it takes sensational images. But after running down a coastal mountain, trying to escape a major typhoon - with the LCD panel rim scratched to s**t while rattling in my backpack with some lenses - I've really babied the body since - with an assortment of half-cases/bags/etc.. - even keeping the neck-strap on when putting the camera on a tripod whilst peering over the edge of a skyscraper.

Anyway - I think my next camera will be one of the magnesium alloy bodies - but I'd be interested to know how hard wearing they really are from you guys!

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