Death of photography greatly exagerated

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Re: Just to add to this

Photo Pete wrote:

Photography is dead and is being replaced by video. New technology always supersedes the old and can't coexist with it.

You only need to look at how photography killed off and replaced painting.

Photography and painting were rather different - realistic painting and photography both occupied the same area (representation of a scene), but photography did it better. And even so, painting still exists today, even in situations where still photography would arguably be better suited, like paintings of people in courtrooms.

Photography and video are fundamentally different, because video requires a set amount of time to comprehend. You simply can't get the full picture behind a video without playing it and watching for at least ten seconds or so. With a picture, you can get a ton of info at a glance. It's also easier to send pictures around, put them on posters/printed materials, and so on.

And as pointed out by another poster, video and still photographs have coexisted for a very long time. Both became widely accessible decades ago. Neither has won, because they're not in direct competition.

Bottom line - you're confusing 'improved technology' with 'different technology'

I'm not confusing anything. I was being sarcastic.

Fair enough...

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