EVF and focus peaking

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Re: EVF and focus peaking


I've just bought a 6 especially for the reason you mention, legacy glass. I often found with the LCD on the 5N what focus peaking told me was in focus was just short or long so my % of keepers was low. I've only had the 6 for 5 days but find it much much better for using manual glass on. I find it much easier to focus and my % of keepers has gone up.

As for low light I've not really tried it but read if the contrast isn't decent due to low light it can have problems with peaking on the EVF. That said it's exactly the same for the LCD as peaking depends on contrast for that as well. I don't think it's so much that the EVF struggles more in low light but that as it's more accurate you'll see less colour from the peaking... this could lead to situations where on the LCD you'd get peaking colour but the EVF you get none. But you'll likely find in those situations your not actually in focus anyway even though the LCD shows you are.

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