Refusal of DWI to deliver purchased item...urgent advice required!

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Re: Refusal of DWI to deliver purchased item...urgent advice required!

bed bug wrote:

Dear all good DPR colleagues & fellow photographers, I should start by saying that if you are considering purchasing anything from Digital World International (DWI), then BEWARE, the ethics of this company is less than desirable, let me explain...

I purchased two items a few days apart, firstly a Canon 1.4x TC and then a 2x TC. I was not at home when attempted delivery was made by DHL for the 1.4 and they left an authority to leave. Online I requested that this was to be left at the door step.

The 2x arrived when I was home and all was fine with this item.

However, in the meantime the 1.4x was lost by the courier company (interestingly the courier was suddenly replaced suggesting possible nefarious activities by the particular driver???).

DHL declared the item lost and, according to DHL Australia, compensated DHL Hong Kong, who in turn compensated DWI.

Naturally (innocently perhaps) I expected a replacement to be sent or at least a refund to be made, but no. DWI offered a massive $25.00 in compensation!!! They claim that I should have paid for shipping insurance, but I do not even remember seeing this option on web site (but why should I pay to cover someone's incompetence...grrr...)

As far as I am concerned, I have a contract with DWI for the supply of the above mentioned item and they failed to deliver. As such they have a duty to send a replacement in order to fulfil the contract, despite the issue with the courier company.

It is not my fault that the item was lost yet I am the one expected to pay!!!

In my opinion, this is a company that has no business scruples, no morals and not one shred of common decency.

The irony of it, was that I was considering purchasing a 500 F4 from the company and in fact posted about this a few weeks prior ( I wanted to 'test drive' them before buying something more substantial (although $460 is nothing to be sniffed at). The one saving grace, was that I found about their 'ethics' (as in lack of) before committing to something more substantial.

It is not the first time that I have had an item go missing. One delivery from B&H did get lost and it did take an exasperating 6 weeks to resolve, however they did resend the item, which was subsequently received.

The real test of any mail order company is when something goes wrong; this sorts out the good from the evil.

Thus is there anything more I can do about trying to receive my money and/or item?

I intend to take DHL to the CTTT (consumer tribunal in NSW), but any suggestions you have would be welcome.

Some lessons from this experience:

1. Use DWI at your own risk.
2. Avoid companies that use DHL.
3. Always check Product Review sites (ok I didn't); DWI does rate very badly.
4. Use companies with business ethics or buy locally.

My apologies for cross posting, I am hoping for a diversity of opinions to solve this issue.


Looks like there are several delivery drivers in OZ that are not doing their jobs properly!  About 2 months ago, I order a few small items from Amazon.  I have been ordering from them for about 7 years and not one parcel has ever been lost.  In this case, I waited and waited for my items to be delivered to my business address, when I suddenly received an email from Amazon that my parcel had been returned as "undeliverable"!!  (mind you this was a business address, manned every weekday).  They immediately offered a refund, which was processed in 3 days, so all was okay.  However, what annoys me is that the courier company never attempted delivery (I think it was DHL, but am not sure).

In your case, I suggest to keep on pressuring DWI.  Otherwise, take them to Small Claims Court (you don't need a solicitor for that).  Your contract was with DWI, not with DHL, and as such they need to prove that they provided the item you ordered (which they can't) or give you a refund.  Start leaving negative reviews about them wherever you can and see if they react and refund you the money.  Do a mini campaign against them and also deal with Hong Kong directly too.  From what I know, DWI in Australia is just a front.  Hong Kong is where their operations are.  They have a page on Facebook (Aust).  Leave complaints there.

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