D600 Vs 6d...Wide-Field Astrophotography

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DanielDragonFilms wrote:

I'm facing exactly the same decision as the OP for this thread: Canon 6D vs Nikon D600.

I've had a Canon 5DmkII for 2 years now and it's served me well. But I didn't feel like the 5Dmk3 was a great leap forward. The Canon 6D is attractive, but all the "professional landscape photographers" who shoot during daylight.. they seem to prefer Nikon's..

And then I took a look at some video from the D600. Was that really video? Yegods, the landscape videos looked almost like stills at times.

About the videos, I have a d800 and I think it's a great camera, for landscape it's unbeatable atm, but the nikons are not suited for landscape videos because of the horrible compression and lineskipping in video mode. The 5d mkiii with the recent ML hack that enables you to record RAW video.

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