A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

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Re: A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

Johanfoto wrote:

David Mosby wrote:

Surely it would be possible to have a square sensor, larger than full frame. This would be ideal - you could still have in-camera cropping for other formats, for those who want them.

This is a common misconception. Many people think that full frame lenses could be used with a 36 x 36 mm sensor, because they are now also used with a 36 mm wide sensor. That is not true. A square sensor would have to be smaller than 36 x 36 mm (30 x 30 mm) in order to stay within the image circle of an full frame lens, so there's little advantage (if any) of a square sensor.

There's also the question of the reflex mirror.  If the sensor is taller than 24mm then the mirror will need to be proportionally larger.  The lens mount is designed to put the lens as close as possible to the sensor whilst leaving enough clearance for the mirror, so there's little or no room for a larger mirror.

Of course with Canon's recent advances in live-view AF you could argue that reflex cameras are on the road to extinction.

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