Nikon D7100 or Canon 70D

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Re: Nikon D7100 or Canon 70D

kcamacho11 wrote:

Liam40 wrote:

Just been reading all the posts. I noticed most, if not all of you, favour or are going to get the D7100!

Can you please give me reasons as to why you would get the D7100? I'm in the decision making stage to upgrade my D80 and would appreciate you reasons.

Thank you,


To me, the reasons are pretty obvious.

The 70D is the better video camera (because of the Dual Pixel AF in LiveView), but if you want the best photo image quality, IMO, the D7100 is the winner here without a doubt.

- More resolution

- Better AF system and more AF points

- No Anti-Aliasing filter = sharper images

- Weather sealed

- Better High ISO performance

- Dual SD card slots

- Bigger LCD screen

- 100% coverage viewfinder <--big thing for me

- The extra 1.3x Crop feature

For the same price at $1199, you get all of those things mentioned with the D7100.

Pound for pound, the D7100 is the best APS-C DSLR you can buy today.

I agree except for the on the af the canon has less point but it's fast mate the 7d has the same af and I compared them at the local camera store. The canon just feels faster, not much but a bit.

I don't think you can call it the best the pentax k-5iis is a great camera as well.



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