Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

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Re: Number 145?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Sorry but every test you have posted uses a subject where page 100 D800 guidance says AF may not be accurate.

Going further your 14-24 instructions confirm AF may not be accurate with subjects smaller than the viewfinder mark or containing a lot of fine detail.

Going further still the instruction for the 18-105 in the D7000 and D7100 instructions caution results with any wide angle or super wide angle may not be good with the above 2 types of target.

Sorry - because noneof your test targets are first class for reliable AF testing your results seem to clarify nothing - except perhaps you expect AF to be good with subjects where Nikon caution AF may not be good

How good is your camera AF with an AF target not able to compromise AF accuracy?

You still have never explained how that would make the left sensors focus much worse than the right sensors. If the target is not good, it should not be good for both sides. But almost everybody reporting this AF problem have great results with the right side. Coincidence?

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