europian eagle or american baldeagle

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Re: europian eagle or american baldeagle

A little history for you, the birds I see when I travel to Mull (Inner Hebrides, West coast of Scotland) were originally reintroduced from Norway in 1975, initially on Rum. Mull itself now has 11 or 12 breeding pairs. There have been further reintroductions in Scotland, most recently on the East coast. Mulll also has a population of Golden Eagles, although I'm unsure of numbers. Fabulous place to visit if you like raptors, especially if you are a Hen Harrier nut like me!

Schoonderwoerd wrote:

thank you for the input.

From your respons as well as additional (re) search on the net, it must be a white tailed eagle.

And yes, after reading the (translation) the Jan van Gent is a Gannet. The word was laying on the tip of my tongue.

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