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I know all that, and...

...since Sweden is a EU member, of course the EU laws are applied here as well. BTW, Swedish consumer protection is stronger than the EU protection AFAIK.

Per Baekgaard wrote:

But even if you would never be able to receive a "tested" camera that someone in Sweden had returned, a fellow Dane could have had his hands on it first, if you're unlucky

...which is why I am buying my stuff in the shop, not through the Internet. I don't need the "return policy" and they are not mixing the Internet shop with the items sold over the desk in the real shop. I have a very good, long term relation with them and not chasing the best price on the internet but the best service and long term relation. This gives me the best price also, but that usually goes hand in hand, loyalty is normally rewarded.

Anyway, because of all the hysteria around the D800, when I bough mine last September I wanted to take it home to test it with the same return policy they have for Internet buyers, but got it explained that that is only valid if you buy via the net (in which case, yes, you can get an already returned camera), but due to my history they agreed that I have the camera over the weekend, which was actually more than enough for me. The day after I already knew that there was nothing wrong with my camera.

So, they follow the rules and regulations, you can be sure of that, but they have the right to refuse taking back anything if you buy it over the desk. That kind of return policy ("öppet köp") is applied by most of the shops but at their own discretion and not on every item and also not regardless if the box is opened or not, that is up to them to decide.

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