A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

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Re: A Hypothetical "Larger than full-frame": Lens Question

Press Correspondent wrote:

Muresan Bogdan wrote:

It also depends on the distance from the lens to the sensor. The image is projected on the sensor so as you get further the image gets bigger, just like your office projector. So in theory you could use the lens. You would lose infinit focus and probably some IQ also.

I don't think the image circle of a lens increases with the image at closer distances. The image increases in size, but does not keep the same quality at the edges.

Well it increases in size as the distance from the sensor gets bigger. And I already mentioned that there might be a loss in image quality. On the old medium format some people used FF lens with the help of an extension tube.

The projector lens in your example is reversed. It is a known technique to reverse the direction of a lens for extreme macro work. The same technique could be used to increase the image circle at close distances. To summarize, in your example, in addition to a closer distance, you would also need to flip the lens back forward to use it with a larger format.

Reversing the lens gives you magnification more than increse of the image circle. But as I said this technique has been used in the past: using the lens in normal position with an extension. But in normal position not flipping it back-forward.

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