Thoughts on DSLR under $1000

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Re: Thoughts on DSLR under $1000

JuliusLake wrote:

Hi -

New to the forum, but I've been doing quite a bit of reading over the past few weeks. I have decided to jump into the world of dSLR camera's and have my selections narrowed down to a handful of cameras. I need a little bit of help with my final decision.

I mostly will be taking landscape and architectural photos, though family photos will also be taken. I do not care about the video aspect of things as I am only interested in still photography.

My max budget is $1,000 for a kit, not body only.

The camera's that I have narrowed it down to are:

  • Canon 60D
  • Nikon D5200
  • Possibly something in the Canon Rebel line

I really like the feel and weight of the Canon 60D. Also, I like the idea of it being "weather sealed". I have played around with all of the models and I keep going back to the 60D, but reading reviews from numerous sites, that have been provided from other threads here, it seems as thought the Nikon D5200 should take better pictures.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! I truly am at a stand still at this point.



I think the d5200 is not really the best choice for beginners. The 24mp can only be used to full extend if you buy a pretty decent lens and as your budget is 1k. This would mean to buy the d5200+ 18-105 lens which is 1000$ and I think for 1000 you could get a better deal from most other companies. Its true the nikon has brilliant image quality but you can get similar or even ether iq for under 1000$ from canon and Pentax. Canon 60d has great ergonomics but the iq is really not nice (this is my opinion), probably as your a beginner you should be completely happy with the iq though. Neither the Canon nor the Nikon are weather sealed, its tricky to seal them because of their flippy tilty screens. If you want weather sealing check out the Pentax k30 or Pentax k50. Check out these kits:

Canon 100d+18-55+50 1.8 =950$

Pentax K30+18-55+50 1.8 =900$

Nikon d5200+18-55+50 1.8 g=1000$

Pentax and Nikon easy give the best image quality.

watch the videos they might help! You will enjoy any dslr, but you should get the best bang for buck and the one with best iq, hold them all in your hands sea which you like best and buy it. If you like the 60d just get it.:-)



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