Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

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Re: Can Someone Point Me to Good HDR Photography?

Thanks! Here's something else I do... a 4X grad filter to darken the sky when I expose for the land. Stops highlight blowout. Also -- unlike multiexposure HDR, using a glass grad filter lets you capture a fast moving subject in just one shot. The HDR exposures, once put together, will leave the moving subject blurred. On my Sony RX100, I just hold the 52mm filter in front of the lens, and move it up and down to control the grad effect.

My grad filter is actually two 2X Tiffen grad filters screwed together. For scenes with less bright-dark contrast, you can use just a single 2x grad... or, easier, just put in a darkening gradient on the PC.

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Jonathon Donahue, San Diego, California

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