Ming Thein DP3 Merrill review

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Re: Really good review

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

One guy in the comments dislikes the images because of too *much* micro-contrast! He finds it distracting. Interesting, and I've not heard anyone say that before.

I saw a poll somewhere (trying to remember where, but I cannot at the moment) about how people viewed their photos. The majority by far were viewing them on screen only. Viewing a high resolution image at 96 dpi with poor image scaling can give artifacts. F.ex you see plenty moire just do to the crude scaling down software, but there is non in the real image. This is one reason I wish Flickr got rid of the awful lightbox.

Printing DPxM photos, even small, you want the micro contrast/acuity as it gives such clarity to the photo.

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