What resolution would you like in the D400?

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Re: What resolution would you like in the D400?


After shooting 12mp (D300 & D700) for years, and now 36mp (D800e) for several months, it seems that 24mp on DX would be a very nice all-around pixel density. I use the 1.2x crop factor (24mp) and DX (15mp) on the D800e a fair amount shooting wildlife, mostly to get the extra fps. 36 is nice, but 24 seems a really nice compromise.

Really, though, as long as it's substantially more than 12mp and has really good buffering and frames-per-second, it should be fine. I'm figuring the buffering and shooting speed (along with autofocus performance) will be the limiting factor in how many megapixels will be supplied.

Would be nice to see 24mp at 8-10fps with a grip, wouldn't it?

Yep, I'd buy one pretty darn near immediately if it has great AF, decent noise performance (at least as good as the D7100) and a good sized buffer along with your proposed 24MP at 8-10 fps.  I've got a fall soccer season this year with twilight games and I could sure use a newer sensor than my D300 when shooting at raised ISO.  I'd probably buy one at 18MP too, but I tend to think that at 24MP, the camera will age a little better a few years from now.

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