E-PM2 vs E-PL5 .....need input....

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Re: Thanks Guy!!!

Marla wrote:

I checked out and handled the E-PL5 and E-PM2 yesterday, and happy that I did. Both are fine cameras, but for me personally the E-PL5 "just fits" in my hands. Although I like the E-PM2, I fell in love with feel of the E-PL5 as soon as I played with it. I like the tilting LCD screen, and after handling both cameras, I knew I would miss the Mode dial on the E-PM2. The $100 deal is over at the store I went to, so I ordered the E-PL5 from B&H and still caught the sale.

Yes, I'm fully converted to a tilt LCD now and no way I'd go back.

Just be careful with the Mode dial, it does bump a bit too easily. That's why I made the P mode MySet into a B&W jpeg so I can easily see if I bumped to that from my usual A spot A mode MySet. Bump to S spot doesn't worry me as the S spot MySet is a stabilised version of what's on A anyway.

Thanks for taking the time explaining some of the features. I've viewed some of your posts previously, and took a peek at some of your pages on the forum. Now I know where I can go for more information and tips. Thanks for this too! I'm really looking forward to getting my E-PL5, especially after reading so many nice things about it - and most everyone seems to like it.

Glad to be of help. As always with my pages it is mostly a collection of what I learn here on the forum plus add my own thoughts and experiments, so it needs thanks from me to all and sundry here who may have contributed to my collection of knowledge.

In another thread there is some concern by another poster about the image after coming from E-PL2, so when my  grandkids go away again then I will try a side-by-side with E-PL1/E-P3/E-PL5 all set the same with the same lens and see what obvious differences are there. I like the better sensor and processing in the E-PL5 even though I use the RAWs only now and process with Silkypix, but then, I have never done a careful side-by-side as yet to see why.

Regards...... Guy

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