Concerned about articulated backs.

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Re: I'm betting they leave it off the 7D Mk II.

Limburger wrote:

asad137 wrote:

Limburger wrote:

You could even keep the buttons on the same place (in the frame of the screen).

Sometimes I really wished my 7D had a tilty swively screen, I see it as a good feature.

No, because then they'd change position as the screen moved (sometimes upside-down!), and you'd have to reach over the screen in order to hit them. That would be an ergonomic disaster.

Simply mirror the buttons.

So you're saying add a second set of buttons on the other side of the screen's frame? Buttons that do the same thing as the first set, just ordered and labeled upside down for the occasions when you have the screen flipped out and upside down? If that's what you mean, it seems like a kludgey fix -- it's better to have a set of buttons that stays fixed to the camera body that are always in the same place regardless of where the screen is placed and where you don't waste space with redundant buttons.

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