Death of photography greatly exagerated

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Re: Opinions on top of opinions.

Toccata47 wrote:

A snapshot article, at best. People remember sounds and particularly smells longer and with far more accuracy than they do images, particularly static images, which we tend to recall with poor accuracy. It's the nature of the brain to extrapolate and interpret images, this is why people misremember the same event, but they might be able to recall the scent of the lilacs that day with perfect clarity.

In any event, the article just reiterates the value of a photo in recalling a captive moment. It doesn't lessen the value of video in any way shape or form. If I want to see remember what things were like I would choose video every time.

eNo wrote:

Bottom line: our brains record life like still photography:
Los Angeles wedding photography that seeks the heart and spirit in each image

both video and still are completely different, and cannot be compared. Both have their place and neither will usurp the other. it is like comparing a moterbike and a car.

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