Good Camera Strap to Go with the E-X Series

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Roger Engelken
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Re: Retraction...

Geo Wharton wrote:

I have been using this strap for over a year with no problems until I used it for several all day treks with the 90-250 or with the 300; always with the HLD-4 and often with EC-14. Total weight ~10 lbs.

My apologies to anyone buying this strap and having the same failure. I used it for seven months prior to this thread. It is a very comfortable strap, but now I know it won't go the long haul with a heavy rig. I don't look forward to the alternative of a stiff strap.

Roger Engelken wrote:

Geo Wharton wrote:

Geo Wharton wrote:

I use this strap too. I can carry the E-5 and 90-250 comfortably because of the stretchy rubbery material. And, having the Arca Swiss type base, I can plop it on top of my tripod instantly. One of my best equipment purchases ever. When I bought mine, they didn't have the new hinged ball. Carry Speed upgraded this for $15.

The only problem is that the hinged ball doesn't completely close around the fat bottom of the HLD-4. The original wouldn't go on at all because of the uneven shape of the surface.

Okay, it won't carry the heavy lenses for ever... I need something a little stronger now.

Thank you for the heads up. I purchased this strap after this thread and have had no issues thus far. Then again in this case based on your results it is a good thing I do not have the ZD 90-250.

Not a problem.  Mine is continuing to work well, and with this thread I know what to look out for.

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