First DSLR (debatable budget) D5200 vs. D7100

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First DSLR (debatable budget) D5200 vs. D7100

Hello forums, this is my first post in DPR but I've been reading it since quite a while now.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Punkster. 24 years old and I really like photography... I've used Nikon D5000, Canon T2i and Sony A57 cameras.

Since I want to get my own DSLR, I planned to do so... And now, the real question is driving me insane... Here's what I have in mind so far:

1) Nikon SB-700 Flash

2) Nikon 50mm F/1.8G Lens

3) Nikon D5200 (or D7100) Body

4) Accesories (SD Cards, Bag, etc.)

Issue #1: High Speed Flash Sync... D5200 doesn't support it, D7100 does... Will I notice it?

Issue #2: Focus Microadjustments... How often is it needed? (to correct F/B Focusing)

Issue #3: Do I really need the SB-700 Flash? What would you prefer? A D5200 with an SB-700 or a D7100 without it? (Consider all-around scenarios)

Issue #4: Pentaprism with 100% coverage... Will I see the difference? (I've never seen through a pentaprism before)

Issue #5: Budget. This is my main problem... Since I have a LOT to do right now, I'm more comfortable spending $1.300 on the D5200 combo than $1.850 on the D7100 one... BUT I know the pros of buying a D7100 and it is driving me nuts, for real...

Can I have a piece of advice?

Thank you, Forum.

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