What will happen when a D400 comes

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Without doubt Nikon lacks an action orientated DSLR below the D4. I think we will see one. But I think it will be a FX camera - a replacement for the D700, which takes over the role of D700 and D300.

I don't understand the logic that you and Bob are using with this FX action camera scenario. A d800h or d700 replacement would be fighting for FX market dollars from all 3 current FX Nikons, no matter what form/price it would take.

The difference is that you see 'DX' and 'FX' as separate markets with a brick wall between them, so that no-one in the market for a DX camera would even consider an FX camera, or vice versa.

Of course, Bob, that is why I own several FX and DX cameras, because I can't see why they'd offer both or why anyone would consider having both or why anyone would want one instead of the other.

As a multiple camera owner you are atypical. I would guess that most people are in the market for one general purpose camera, with the slant of general purpose changing from person to person. I would maintain that the 'DX' and 'FX' are not separate markets, and I don't think that the camera companies see it that way either.

I asked specific questions as to how your argument would work in the market, monetarily, specifically, how the d800h wouldn't hurt all of the other FX cameras and why that makes monetary sense over a d400.

OK. The D800H wouldn't hurt the D800 for the same reason that the D800E doesn't hurt the D800 - it is a D800. It might hurt the D600, but unlikely because it will cost more, and if Nikon sells someone a D800H rather than a D600, then Nikon wins. As for the D4, I think that it might hurt the amateur market, but unlikely the core PJ market, which really prefers the full brick body and isn't so price sensitive. So, a bit like Nikon introduced the D700 after the amateur sales of the D3 slacked off, they can introduce a D800H and make some extra sales that would never buy a D4 without hurting those that will only buy a D4. As for the monetary sense, the D800H is a D800, minimal R&D costs and can share the production line with the D800 (since it is pretty much the same camera, sensor aside) whereas this 'D400' is a complete new camera, has substantial R&D costs and can't easily share a line with anything else being made. So, the D400 has to make a lot more in new sales (ones which Nikon wouldn't make with its current range) to justify itself.

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