Mac Mini VS similarly priced custom build PC

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Re: Mac Mini VS similarly priced custom build PC

khunstuart wrote:

Who is going to be building your "custom built PC?"

For me the answer boils done to total value and the least amount of hassles. True value in anything you buy goes well beyond the cost of the product or service, Especially if you are in business. My experience with my Macs have been a night and day difference to my Windows computers both hardware and software. When I consider the software and hardware headaches I always end up going through with Windows PCs it makes me happy I primarily use a Mac.

Exactly the reason I converted all ten PC's in the Office to Mac.

Having used PC's since the 80's (twin floppy IBM's) I had to have a good reason to change I can tell you. I have never regretted a moment.

We also install equipment in the field and over the last 3 years have deployed 30 Mac Mini Servers. These are used every day and never rebooted. No of failures: 0. We also use 15 touch screen PC's. Failures: 3

An old Mac Mini Server runs the whole office (12 PC's plus) without issue (apart from one HDD failure) in the last five years.

You may want to consider using smcFanControl for your minis. It's a free and tiny app that adjusts the minimum speed of your Mac's fan/s. I have always used it on my Macs to rase the default minimum fan speed just a bit to get better cooling for a standard hard drive so they stand a much better chance of lasting longer. Raising it just a bit always kept my older iMac's hard drive around 45c. SSD equipped Macs, like your Air, obviously wouldn't benefit from such an app as they run so much cooler.

This app does not affect your Mac's ability to raise and lower fan/s speed as needed. All it basically does is allow you to increase the minimum fan speed. You can set it to run at startup and you never need to touch it again. On my new 2012/2013 iMac I have it running the single fan a few hundred RPMs faster and my hard drive stays around 45C whereas before it would hit 50 or a bit more. The difference in sound is slight. Great app.

No Brainer

As for building a PC's - I've better things to do.

Yep. I used to build them when I was younger but as I've gotten older the last thing I want to do is mess with building or troubleshooting computers, basically wasting time. That's what led me to my first Mac.

My Macbook Air is the best PC I have ever used.

Awesome computers, especially the latest versions.

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